An intellectual conversion

Marcel Lefebvre acknowledged that in the seminary, in the school of the popes, he underwent a genuine intellectual conversion.

[It] was a revelation for me. During my studies [in college], I had never really grasped how much was at stake in this fight of the Church for the Church and Christianity. I remember... coming to seminary with incorrect ideas which I modified during my studies. For example, I thought that it was excellent that the State was separated from the Church. Oh yes! I was a Liberal! ..."


"And I realized that in fact I had quite a few wrong ideas.... I was very pleased to learn the truth, happy to learn that I had been wrong, that I had to change my way of thinking about certain things, especially in studying the encyclicals of the popes, which showed us all the modern errors, those magnificent encyclicals of all the popes up to St. Pius X and Pius XI.



„Folgen wir Unserem Herrn nach mit dem Kreuzesbanner, dem einzigen Zeichen, der einzigen Quelle des Heils!“

Erzbischof Marcel Lefebvre, Sie haben ihn entthront