March 1995 - Superior General's Letter #48

In an age dominated by media we must be vigilant and realize that almost all of this media is used to constantly attack the Church. John Paul II is in the process of creating a religion of man made God by confusing the natural and supernatural orders. This confusion leads to indifferentism at all levels be it in the daily life of the faithful or as regards ecumenism. John Paul II apologizes for Church's past. SSPX projects continue worldwide.

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Call to continued vigilance

Before giving you a little news of the progress of the Society of St. Pius X, we would like to issue a summons to all of you Catholics to be vigilant.

The false peace in which the Church is living today is establishing a climate of generalized anesthesia whereby the scandal against the Faith is becoming so usual that it no longer shocks anyone, while at the same time our enemies — let us call them by their true name — are inflicting terrible blows on Holy Mother Church; outrages and insults are raining down upon her, whom Jesus loved and for whom he shed his blood.

Media systematically attacks the true religion

The violence has turned spiritual above all, but it is not the less real or deadly for souls whose faith and morals it corrupts and fouls; with great skill newspapers, radio, television are concentrating their venom on the Catholic Church, the papacy, priestly celibacy, etc, the media’s aggressiveness brooking no further restraint. These media applaud, congratulate and set up on a pedestal whichever sons of the Church betray her: Drewermann, Duquesne, Galliot, Küng, Boff… “Our Lord in his Church is in his death-throes… in his death-throes because his Church is being buffeted, hindered, obstructed and resisted from within in her prime task of bringing the Redemption to souls. Not that she is about to disappear, because the gates of hell will not prevail against her, but that her own sons, and amongst them leaders of the hierarchy, are mistreating her in so vile and wicked a fashion that she can no longer move without crashing to the ground at each step, fainting with exhaustion” (Fr. Calmel.’Brief Apology for the Church of all time’, Difralivre, 1987, p. 84).

Yet are even these words severe enough to describe the harsh reality? What Fr. Calmel already felt coming 25 years ago, is it not taking place literally under our eyes? “If some Pope were to take on the appearance of a false messiah… he would inextricably mingle together two messages essentially opposed to one another: on the one hand the message of Promethean (i.e. God-defying) domination of the world, in accordance with the three temptations, taking no practical account of the sovereignty of God nor of the sin of man, and on the other hand the message of the Christian faith announcing Redemption through the Cross of Jesus Christ alone. Were this unnatural confusion to happen, the scandalizing of Catholics in their Faith would no doubt reach as far as it could go; its power of seduction would then be extraordinarily dangerous. Notwithstanding, it would not be powerful enough to seduce the elect, nor to destroy the Church”.

John Paul II: Religion of man made god

Is that not what we find in the letter ‘Tertio Millennio Adveniente’, describing the next five years of preparation for the Jubilee Year 2000? Sketched out there, perfectly in line with John-Paul’s first encyclical, ‘Redemptor Hominis’, and with his whole pontificate, is the attempt to replace the Religion of God made man with the religion of man becoming God through the intermediary of Our Lord, the Man-God: a religion primarily concerned with bringing all peoples together, but without any conversion to Christ Crucified or submission to the Church founded by him. Is that the coming of Christ meant by John-Paul when he refers to the New Advent running until the year 2000?

Confusion of the natural and supernatural orders

The confusion between the life, rights, and demands of the natural order and those of the supernatural order is obvious in the latest papal encyclical “Evangelium Vitæ”, in which — thanks be to God — abortion and euthanasia are condemned.

Result of this confusion: indifferentism

The result? Boundless confusion amongst the Christian people, the loss of faith as it evaporates into indifferentism, meaning not that people do not care about religion at all, but that they do not care what religion they belong to, because all religions alike, to a greater or lesser degree, can and do save souls. Such an idea is directly opposed to the Catholic Faith. For example, Pius XI’s Encyclical “Mortalium Animos” echoes the 2,000 year-old Faith and discipline of the Church when it says: “The union of Christians cannot be otherwise attained than by promoting the return of dissidents to the One true Church of Christ from which they once, unhappily, withdrew. The return to the one true Church of Christ, We say, that stands forth before all and that, by the will of its Founder, will remain forever the same as when He himself established it for the salvation of all mankind.” Pius XI is saying nothing different here from the beginning of the Athanasian Creed: “Whosoever wishes to be saved must above all hold the Catholic Faith: whoever does not keep it entire and pure will beyond doubt go to eternal damnation.”

Indifferentism towards the conversion of the Orthodox

Today, however, everybody thinks differently: the ecumaniac Balamand Document of June, 1993, gave rise to almost no fundamental objections. It regulates relations between the Catholic Church and Orthodox churches by “excluding from now on every attempt or desire on the part of Catholics to proselytise or to expand at the expense of the Orthodox churches” (#35), and this it does in the name of “rejecting the premise whereby any one of our churches would be the one and only owner of the means of grace, in such a way that conversion to that one Church from any other would be necessary for salvation” (Declaration of the Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation of the U.S.A., Doc. #212, p. 285).

This indifferentism destroys the true religion

This idea, extremely grave, concerns not only the Orthodox, but also all Protestant denominations at least, maybe all monotheistic religions, and others as well! Such an Idea is the ruination of the Catholic Church from top to bottom, and it destroys the Faith, that Faith “without which it is Impossible to please God (Heb. XI, 6) or to be saved” (Vat. I, “Dei Filius”).

Of course “False messianism will prevail neither against the Church nor against the papacy. To the very end, the Church founded on Peter will keep safe within her heart, and will spread amongst men, the only true messianism, that of Jesus Christ: Messianism of grace, of conversion and of the beatitudes; messianism to be found in its fullness in the kingdom which is not of this world, and which thereby exerts its sway over all kingdoms of this world, at any rate if they accept its law of the Gospel and strive to fulfil through the King of Heaven their worldly function” (Pr. Calmel, p. 72).

John Paul II betrays the Church of all time

Since we are being told by John-Paul II to do penance for sins of churchmen that the Church must recognize, let us strive by means of public manifestations, conferences, Masses, to show forth the full beauty of the Church and her history, to defend her honour and the honour of her Saints: “Is my Mother, the Church, being called a tyrant? Then I shall come to her defence! So I reply: unlike the Church, founded on Apostles and Martyrs, all false religions have been ushered in by the violence Of an enemy power, and by the oppression of the peoples’ Catholic thinking,… Where was the Church born? In blood, but in her martyrs’ blood. On the contrary, where was heresy born? In blood, but not in the blood of its confessors, rather in the blood of those who resisted it” (Robert Mader, “I am staying Catholic”, Goldach, 1975, p. 36).

Certain features keep recurring in history, such as the chastisement of peoples who have offended God “too much”. Let us be prepared, strong in the faith. The times are evil. “Whilst we have time, let us work good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal. VI, 10).

SSPX Projects around the globe

Thank you for your generous help, which we are relying on to carry out new projects:

1) After 20 years of applying to the authorities and waiting, we have at last received authorization to construct the church for the seminary at Écône. With this building Our Lord will obtain the place of honour due to him, seminarians a more worthy place in which to serve him, and the seminary will be completed, the chapel being the centre of the seminary and of priestly life. However, this grand project will not come to fruition without much generosity on your part. Given the part that the Seminary has played as cradle of the Society of St Pius X, and given that the church wilt house the tomb of Archbishop Lefebvre, our venerable founder, we are daring to ask our faithful all over the world to help with this building. May we venture to see in this undertaking a kind of foreshadowing of the “reconstruction of Christendom”?

At about the same time our seminary in La Reja in the Argentine, with its present capacity for about 50 seminarians, is going to begin building its chapel.

2) Over the next few years we are hoping for an average of about 25 priestly ordinations a year from our various seminaries; in addition, over the last few years we have seen some young priests approaching us soon after leaving their diocesan seminaries. This is a new turn of events, showing that God’s grace is still at work! Let us hope the movement grows until it includes a few bishops.

3) Our apostolate in the East is advancing. We are contacting more people, and our priests, learning in between to speak Russian and Polish, are heavily occupied with regular visits to the groups in the process of forming, especially in Poland and the Ukraine.

We must expand our operation in Jaidhof, Austria, in order to offer pre-seminary accommodation to young men from these countries interested in the priesthood.

4) In Asia and Latin America, our apostolate is growing stronger, our groups are consolidating, From Mexico our priests are regularly visiting Guatemala, San Salvador and Costa Rica; from the Argentine they visit Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay, from Columbia they visit Santo Domingo. So many countries, so many souls, against so few priests, so few resources! And yet little by little, in all directions, from ground up are rising walls of a future chapel or even a future priory.

5) However, our main effort remains in all places the founding and maintaining of our schools.

All these projects, all these concerns, we entrust to your prayers and your generosity. May the merits of your charity obtain from the Sacred Heart both the extension of Catholic Tradition and the conversion of those presently moving away from the Church.

In this Passiontide may Our Lady help us to enter more deeply into the great mystery of her Son’s sufferings, which continue in the Mystical Body being so grievously wounded before our eyes.

Stabat Mater. May God bless you.

† Bernard Fellay

Passion Sunday

March 13, 1995