Age did not slow him down

After the episcopal consecrations in 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre did not slow down; more than even, he preached retreats and recollections, especially for his priests and seminarians.

He revealed to them the depths of his thoughts like never before. In 1990, he spent a couple of months writing a short work that he considered his last will and testament: A Spiritual journey in the Footsteps of St. Thomas Aquinas. “With this,” he said, “I have given everything I had to give; I do not see what more I could give.

We are nothing at all

On his way to preach a priests’ retreat, he asked the wife of one of his chauffeurs who drove him everywhere and who were his favorite confidants:

Do you know what I am going to preach about?' And when she answered no, he explained, pronouncing each word slowly: 'I am going to preach on God, on God…

A short time afterwards, to his hosts who were speaking to him about his work, his Society, he answered in a low voice:

We are nothing, absolutely nothing!' And afraid he had not been understood, he insisted, in the same voice: 'Did you hear me? Nothing… nothing at all!

„Wir sind nichts, überhaupt nichts“

Auf dem Weg zu Exerzitien fragt er einen seiner Fahrer, die ihn überall hinfahren und denen er gern sein Vertrauen schenkt:

Wissen Sie, worüber ich predigen werde?“ Der Angesprochene verneint, und er erklärt, jedes Wort betonend: „Ich werde über Gott predigen, über Gott..."

Einige Zeit später antwortet er seinen Gastgebern, die sein Werk, die Priesterbruderschaft, sehr schätzen, mit leiser Stimme:

Wir sin